"Sticky" is the luckiest stick figure ever hanged. The rope seems to break every time.
Once he's down, it's up to you to fling him around: through the hoop, into the portal, onto the platforms... earning points as you do. There are six minigames.

Play solo or against a friend
There are thousands of words in 40 categories and they're all completely free.

Points & Costumes
Earn points by guessing letters, finishing puzzles, and winning minigames. Spend your points on costumes for "Sticky." There are 10 to choose from:
Farmer Jed • Miss Ellie • Hang-bot 3000 • Firefighter • Skeleton • Astronaut • Quarterback • Space Knight • Cap'n Stumpy • Crafty Miner • Suggestions?
• No ads, no tracking, maximum privacy
• Play solo or against a friend
• Thousands of words in 40 categories, all completely free
• Quick-play a word in a random category
• Hints are free
• Six different minigames with ragdoll physics
• 10 costumes to earn
• No pay wall - you never have to spend a penny

Optional In-App Purchases
You can get all of the costumes with points, and play all of the words for free. You never have to spend any real money.

But, if you're in a hurry, you can unlock all of the costumes with an in-app purchase. Or, if you just need a few points for a costume and you don't want to earn them by playing, you can get a few points with another in-app purchase.
While I was testing this, I caught myself losing and playing the minigames just for fun. Should I add more? Suggest one.


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