A.I. Opponents
There are 7 levels of A.I. to beat. They get more accurate as you advance. They also get more aggressive, sometimes choosing to attack your pucks if it means taking the lead. You'll need a strategy to beat the Masters.

2-Player In-Person Game
You can play against a friend by taking turns on your iPhone or iPad.

Fun Stuff
Instant Replay — Re-live that game-winning shot over and over.
Pick Your Puck — There are 4 designs to choose from.
Fast-Forward — For when that realistic friction is taking too long.
Tips & Tricks
From someone who's played more than 1,000 games...
• Lay your iPhone or iPad on a hard, flat surface
• Don't move it around or twist it while you play
• Fling your puck with a finger (not your thumb)
• Get your forearm and wrist in the game (not just your finger)
• Touch your puck and drag it around a little before you fling it
• Don't just put your finger down and fling it immediately

I had a lot of fun making and play-testing Shuffleboard Master. I hope you like it.
Let me know!

Shuffleboard Master

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