You already know the game
It's been played by millions of people for decades. It's the most popular card game ever! Now, see how good it can look and how much fun it can be.
• Daily Challenges — beat the deck to earn trophies — every deal is winnable
• Smart Hints look ahead to suggest the best move
• Infinite Undo lets you try out a move, then change your mind — or undo an accident
• Guaranteed-Winnable shuffles are available with Standard scoring
• Draw 1 or Draw 3
• Standard or Vegas scoring, with a Cumulative Vegas option
• Play against the clock, or turn the clock off
• Tasteful sound effects — with a mute option
• Earn achievements as your skills improve
• See your number of wins and losses
My wife plays this game every day with her morning coffee. She says she doesn't have to start work or chores or errands til she wins and the angels sing. "Aahhh!"

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