The Best of Classic Sudoku + Auto-Note
Auto-Note adds all the notes for you, so you can spend your time solving a puzzle instead of getting ready.

Something for Everyone
Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this is the game for you. There are thousands of puzzles at all levels of difficulty. Start with Easy and work your way up to Diabolical.

Auto-Note can add the notes for you, or you can turn it off and add notes yourself. Notes are updated when assigning a cell. If you like, Auto-Check will highlight your mistakes. Or, turn everything off for a more pencil-and-paper feel.

Daily Challenges - Build your streak by completing daily challenge puzzles.

Special Events - Earn badges by completing event-themed puzzles before time runs out. Themes include Pirate's Plunder, Weekend Campout, Pharoah's Tomb, and lots more.

Level Up - Start by solving Easy puzzles and work your way up through Intermediate and Challenging. Go on to Fiendish and, finally, try your hand at truly Diabolical puzzles.
Daily Streak Reminders - Enable this option and choose a time of day for a reminder.
Instructional Hints - These explain the necessary strategy step by step. Or choose brief one-step hints.
Palettes - Three choices keep things easy on the eyes, even in the dark.
Single Solutions - Every puzzle has just one solution.
Fix Notes - In a jam? Correct and add missing notes from the Mistakes (!) menu.
Scoring - Toggle the optional scoreboard from the game settings menu.
Timer - Toggle the optional timer from the game settings menu.

Sudoku + Auto-Note

This started as an exercise in coding a solver and turned into a full-blown app.

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