Take a Journey
Start on a luxury ocean liner. Visit beautiful and exciting destinations around the world. Enjoy amazing sights, nightlife, food and fun.

Three Ways to Play
JOURNEY - Set out on a luxury liner bound for an island paradise. Complete timed puzzles to advance. Earn rewards along the way. See where your journey takes you!
CLASSIC - Just play. There's no rush. Your progress is saved and the timer is optional.
DAILY - Beat the clock to earn a special daily reward. Keep your streak going for extra rewards.

+ No ads, no interruptions
+ Journey through 50 challenging levels
+ Daily rewards for building a streak
+ Classic mode lets you just play
+ Classic quick-play starts a puzzle in a random topic
+ Dozens of Topics, including Animals, Movies, Celebrities, Music (by decade), and more
+ Earn rewards from Quests and by finishing puzzles
+ Hints show you where a word starts
+ No tracking, maximum privacy
+ Supported by in-app purchases
Earn the best rewards by completing quests like:
+ Find 40 words
+ Finish 16 Classic medium puzzles
+ Finish today's Daily puzzle for 5 days running
+ Find 35 Bonus words (words not in the solution)
Don't like a quest? Trade it in for a new one!

How Tokens Work
This game is supported by in-app purchases of Tokens, Hints and premium Topics. You use a Token to start most puzzles. (Today's Daily puzzle is always free.) It is refunded if you leave a puzzle without marking any words.

There are lots of ways to earn free Tokens:
+ Quests reward up to 10
+ Journey milestones
+ Today's Daily puzzle
+ Random old Daily puzzles
+ Random Classic puzzles

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Infinite Puzzles

I'm especially proud of the Journey. Will you tell me what you think?

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