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Word Search + Infinite Puzzles

Infinite puzzles. No ads. No interruptions.

TAKE A JOURNEY! It starts with the luxury and romance of the golden age of ocean liners (think Titanic, without the iceberg), and takes you to beautiful and exciting destinations around the world, filled with sights, nightlife, food and fun.

Three Ways to Play
JOURNEY - Set out on a luxury liner bound for an island paradise. Complete timed puzzles to advance. Earn rewards along the way. See where your journey takes you!
CLASSIC - Just play. There's no rush. Your progress is saved and the timer is optional.
DAILY - Beat the clock to earn a special daily reward. Keep your streak going for extra rewards.

Earn the best rewards by completing quests like:
+ Find 40 words
+ Finish 16 Classic medium puzzles
+ Finish today's Daily puzzle for 5 days running
+ Find 35 Bonus words (words not in the solution)
Don't like a quest? Trade it in for a new one!

+ No ads, no interruptions
+ Journey through 50 challenging levels
+ Daily rewards for building a streak
+ Classic mode lets you just play
+ Classic quick-play starts a puzzle in a random topic
+ Dozens of Topics, including Animals, Movies, Celebrities, Music (by decade), and more
+ Earn rewards from Quests and by finishing puzzles
+ Hints show you where a word starts
+ No tracking, maximum privacy
+ Supported by in-app purchases

This game is supported by in-app purchases of Tokens, Hints and premium Topics.
You use a Token to start most puzzles. (Today's Daily puzzle is always free.)
It is refunded if you leave a puzzle without marking any words.
There are lots of ways to earn free Tokens:
+ Quests reward up to 10
+ Journey milestones
+ Today's Daily puzzle
+ Random old Daily puzzles
+ Random Classic puzzles

I think you'll like the streamlined, ad-free gameplay. Try Word Search + Infinite Puzzles today!

Word Association!

Matching pairs of related words is fun and relaxing. Words can by synonyms, opposites, parts of a compound word, or they might just remind you of each other.

Word Association comes with 40 free puzzles, and there are hundreds more available for purchase. Hints are also available if you get stuck.

If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, hangman, word searches and crosswords, you will love this game! Try it today.

Funner Solitaire

is your old friend.

You already know the game. Solitaire is the same game played by millions of people for decades - it's the most popular card game ever! Now, see how good it can look and how much fun it can be.

Big card faces are easy to read. Tap or drag to move. Choose Standard or Vegas scoring. Guaranteed-Winnable shuffles, Hints, Undo are available, and more. Daily Challenges too!

• Daily Challenges - beat the deck to earn trophies - every deal winnable
• Smart Hints look ahead to suggest the best move
• Infinite Undo lets you try out a move, then change your mind - or undo an accident
• Guaranteed-Winnable shuffles are available with Standard scoring
• Draw 1 or Draw 3
• Standard or Vegas scoring, with a Cumulative Vegas option
• Play against the clock, or turn the clock off
• Tasteful sound effects - can also be turned off
• Earn achievements as your skills improve

Try Funner Solitaire. It might become your new favorite solitaire!

Shuffleboard Master

is a game of skill. It's a realistic 3D simulation of the real table game.

You have full control over the puck - speed, direction, and point of release. That means it'll take some practice to play well. Hone your skill against the 7 levels of A.I. opponent as you advance from Beginner to Zen Master.

A.I. Opponents
There are 7 levels of A.I. to beat. They get more accurate as you advance. They also get more aggressive, sometimes choosing to attack your pucks if it means taking the lead. You'll need a strategy to beat the Masters.

2-Player Wifi Game
You can play against a friend or nearby random stranger. Both of you need to have wifi turned on. (You don't need to be connected to a network — just have your wifi on.)

Fun Stuff
Instant Replay — Re-live that game-winning shot over and over.
Pick Your Puck — There are 4 designs to choose from.
Fast-Forward — For when that realistic friction is taking too long.

Tips & Tricks
From someone who's played more than 1,000 games...

I had a lot of fun making this game and play-testing it. I hope you like it too. Let me know!

Flap Happy

was my Flappy Bird™ knock-off.

Remember Flappy Bird? It was hard. This one starts off easy and gets progressively harder. It has 6 bird colors, several different kinds of gates and fun death effects. My best score is around 225.

• Progressive or Classic difficulty! • Crash Helmets! • Head Starts! • Unique Hazards! • Special Death Effects! • 6 Birds to Choose From! • Exclamation marks!

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